19 comments on “TOP 20 HOTTEST HEARTTHROBS! ♥

    • Ooo light yagami is definitely hot 🙂 Ichigo definitely has his moments of hotness as well (especially with the loong hair in his final getsuga tenshou form lol)

  1. lol Dino yess, I kind of had a crush on Xanxus till he went all psycho but he’s still kind of hot. The others look good too 🙂 esp in adult form…Reborn should be really sexy in adult form too :O I saw some pics of him in said form…lucky Bianchi >.< 😛

  2. Definitely light but come on sesshy is so hot. I’m glad that naruto is 20th hes not hot at all

  3. lol, Well there were just so many HAWT characters to choose from 😐 It’s hard. We have to do this list again sometime in the near future. We’ll be doing a similar list for girls next week though! 😀 Thanks for your comments/suggestions! ❤

  4. you missed of urahara kisuke :/ so ashamed 😦 but other than that i totally agree 🙂 some of them are just sexy beasts and sue me; but id have it with most of them :_D

  5. lol You know you’re absolutely right. Urahara should’ve been on this list. I think he’s hotter than Naruto for sure (and Zero and Kaname to be honest). We’re going to do another top 20 hottest guys list sometime in the future. I’ll definitely squeeze him in then.Thanks for your comment!

  6. kurosaki ichigo should b on the list . Bleach captains and Zero and Kaname , they deserve first place . Vampire Knight boys are all HAWWWWT

  7. Han chun woo is definitely hot! u see, to those hu havent read the breaker (u dont know what u missing so get the hell outta here and go to mangafox already !..lol) he’s dangerous, has really hawt feature and very sweet at d same tym, sooo complete♡♡♡♡♡! But i do hope frankenstein was on the list:(

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