2 comments on “HSD Kenichi Chapter 423 Review

  1. Hey, man

    Thank you for writing this article. I just read the manga and I feel like dancing in Heaven! Finally, we got some real confirmation from Miu-san. There are a lot of animation that held back in character development when it comes to relationship or not expressing properly. (For ex. Inuyasha… or witchblade)

    It was so cute how they held the cup and either of them wants to let go… I love how Kenichi expressed his feelings without being too blunt. I think for Miu to do something like that is extraordinary in respect to her personality. I am very satisfy with the character development.

    I just want to make one more point. When Miu returns to school in the next issue and how everyone notice her extra brilliance… That just reminds me how it feels when you finally make some progress with the person you like…

    • Hey!

      Thanks for your comment. This Kenichi chapter was very exciting on an emotional level. I too am glad and relieved that they’re starting to address this. I agree with you on the Inuyasha and Witchblade lack of development…also (annoyingly) in Naruto as well in terms of Naruto’s response to Hinata’s confession and all of that….Bleach as well, now that I think about it. It gets really annoying.

      The cup moment was very cute (til I almost wanted to puke, lol) and I agree that Miu made a very big move for someone of her character. I just wish it had been a little more…or like the Masters didn’t crash the party -_-. I wanted to see reactions.

      As for her “extra brilliance” we’ll see how far the mangaka will take it. Hopefully nothing weird will get in their way.

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