2 comments on “Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Chapter 339 Review

  1. The mu§e tends to disagree. I don’t see it any different than when we pair them together with people that they probably truly have no romantic interest in. For example when people imagine couples between Zoro and Nami or TenTen and Neji or (and I’m guilty of this one) Rukia and Ichigo or Nastu and Lucy…I mean I can go on and on and on for ages about this and yet we see pics, some cute, some downright should be on a porn site. Moreover, there is really no hard and true way of discerning whether a character is gay, straight or bisexual, I mean sometimes the mangaka makes it painfully obvious but I mean, there is no way for you to tell me 100% that Luffy is straight, it’s never been addressed. Only Oda-sensei knows that for a fact. There are some characters like Naruto, who show blatant interest in girls (Sakura to be precise) and from then we can probably assume he is straight or at least bisexual 😛 buut I mean Luffy has never shown any romantic interest in anyone, for example, and from the way he refuses someone as hot as Hancock… it’s questionable as to if he even likes girls :p. And I’m just being devil’s advocate in this example. I know it’s just Luffy’s character and he’s a tad bit too childish to see the light but all I’m saying is, you never know. In some cases, indeed, I reiterate, only the mangaka knows.

  2. lol When I saw the notification alerting me that you commented on this post I knew exactly what you would say…(in the first part of your argument), and it is an excellent point actually.

    And, my argument is just based on one particular site that I use and images that I have seen “so far” with boys are way more suggestive and lewd than the heterosexual pairings 😐 And there were many images of gay incestuous pictures, pictures of young (under age) boys with their teachers and so forth and I have yet to see lots of pictures like that with both sexes….I’m sure there are out there but again, this is just based on one particular site so my argument is a bit weak.

    I guess I did not expect this combination from that site and was a bit taken aback by it. You also have a point about us not knowing for sure about the characters’ sexuality but Luffy? Hmmm…. I would put him in a neutral category but that’s just my opinion. I can’t imagine him with a girl or a boy 😐 *sigh.

    I guess I get annoyed when I see some of my favourite characters paired up with people I don’t really like/want them to be paired up with (this includes both sexes). Like Mihawk and Zorro and Shanks? That brings imaginary tears to my eyes, but that’s just my stupidity and irrevocable love for Hawk Eyes (who should be straight just to accommodate me and me alone) talking lol.

    I dunno man…maybe you’d get that sort of bad feeling if you were trying to find nice pictures of Natsu but only find pictures of him grabbing Azuma’s crotch or licking his face or rubbing his groin against Azuma’s groin or something like that (There should be some section for stuff like that to warn people at least, and for both sexes actually….(*warning* rated R images ahead) The site looks so innocent and cutesy so when I saw xyz I was like, WHOA…okay then…seen.

    In Katekyo Hitman Reborn, some of the characters are definitely straight, like the main character Tsuna, who is in love with this girl, but I can hardly get any nice pictures of them together that shows lots passion and ardour etc (on that site)…. That is one instance of me not finding pictures that portray the mangaka’s characters in that light.

    I won’t stop using the site though, I see the yaoi-type pictures and just move on to look for what I want, so no harm done really, just thought I’d point it out. They have an excellent collection of high quality images that I would be forced to look around forever to find elsewhere.

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