4 comments on “Skip Beat!

  1. It’s my favourite manga and I was so devastated when I found there wasn’t going to be a second season of the anime! I love Kyoko and I find she’s one of the best herione I’ve ever seen in a manga or anime! I especially love her “demons” they are so hillarious xD

  2. Thanks for your comments guys! They are greatly appreciated XD As you can tell, I pretty much worship it too. @Peacock_Eye_R.I, I too was disappointed that the anime didn’t continue since there is sooo much great stuff in the manga :\. Oh well! At least there’s the manga…if only they’d release it regularly.

  3. HOLY EFF that is one hot picture. When does it occur?? I keep hearing about some sister-brother complex relationship in their acting — is that it? (You can see I’m a noob to Skip Beat!, obviously, LOL. :P) I’m seriously becoming addicted to this series. And Viz Media’s releasing new 3-in-1 volumes, aren’t they? So exciting! 😀

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