6 comments on “Naruto Chapter 544 Review

    • The chapter was lucky it got SO much -_-. You don’t know how many times I be wanting to give Naruto/Bleach like a 2/10 or something like that. as for @Peacock_Eye_R.I it’s gone past the point where you can just get over it….like 200 chapters past that point -_-. Sad thing is, the manga is better off than the anime…that’s just a terrifying thought.

  1. It’s true about the dragging bit though… I’m starting to get annoyed by how the story is being stretched to its limits…at some point you’ve just got to get over with it.

  2. True, it seems to be picking up now at last though -_- Finally! This manga needs to die a natural but wonderful death instead of being murdered by Masashi and his team (whoever they are) Thanks for the comment though! 🙂

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