9 comments on “We’re Stupid! ^_^ – Top 10 Dumbest Girls

    • There’s a wise person in our midst :p Thanks for your comment and for sharing your mutual hatred of Sakura and Sasuke XD

  1. Urgh, I agree with all of them DX They’re so … so.. *strangles my hair*

    / / Hmm, there could also be the girls from ” Highschool of the Dead ”. I mean, yeah they might have big breasts and good looks.. but they’re so NOISY! And they’ve been told hundreds of times that zombies are attracted to noise.. and the girls just keep on screaming and crying and all that sh*t D<

  2. I don’t understand why you put sailor moon #1 if you’ve never watched it before, don’t just rely on on other’s opinion to determine that because they vary. Usagi may be an idiot in some sequences but she overcomes her limitation and that should be enough to leave out her from your list.

    If you want a combination of a naïve, contingent and hopelessly irredeemable Mary sue, I’d recommend Miu from “First Girl”. Some underage Japanese girl stranded in Civil War south America averting from the leering warlords who want to unchaste her. All throughout the manga there was little if not no plot development that discernible enough to hold water and the scenes and turning point were poignantly rushed as I completely lost interest after Chapter8. Besides her Rich tycoon fiance, the characters she encounters have serve no purpose to the plot other than to desire to sleep with her. :-/

    • Thank you for your recommendation. Actually, the list was compiled by two individuals. Myself and the Muse. She suggested that Sailor Moon be number one and seeing that I was not the only one involved in getting the list together I saw no problem leaving it up to her (she has watched far more anime than I) to come up with the dumbest… Also, you’re asking me to “rely on another person’s opinion” by suggesting Miu which is the same (horrendous!) thing you are castigating me for 😛 I would have had to watch a great deal more to come up with a character of my own for that spot and I did not have the time nor the patience lol And I reiterate…I’m not the sole power here. Again, thanks for your recommendation! I’ll definitely check out First Girl 😉

  3. agree except sailor moon, admittedly she was quit naive and a cry baby, but she grew as a character, became stronger emotionally, psychically and mentally and overcame her obstacles. Usagi is a great character. We watch her grow from a clumsy, lazy, self-centered teenager into a fearless goddess of justice who takes down the force of chaos itself. But the great thing is? She doesn’t stop being the girl we met back in chapter one. (http://iphisquandary.tumblr.com/post/44745125742/simplysailormoon-thighhighs-usagi-is-a-great).

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