8 comments on “Naruto Chapter 550 Review

  1. Well, all in all – it just seemed stupid. It felt like Kishi had just written the chapter because he felt like doing so. Random explanations flying like bullets around and ripping apart the setting once more as Shisui suddenly becomes one of the Uchiha everybody should heard of (that’s because he was mentioned that often until now, right?) and his Mangekyou Sharingan was not only the strongest Genjutsu since sliced bread, it also had a cooldown-time of a dozen years that no other Mangekyou Sharingan has. Isn’t there supposed to be this thing called “consistency” concerning the setting? This kind of explanation that heaves exception on exception just reeks of plot-convenience.
    And one thing that disturbed me since the very beginning of this current arc: Isn’t there supposed to be a war going on? It certainly doesn’t have that kind of atmosphere that you would associate with war. It might as well be another one of Naruto’s typical adventures where Shinobi meet and make a “Whose jutsu is flashier?”-contest.
    But it can only get more interesting if Itachi is able to stay after Nagato has been defeated. Of course it wouldn’t make sense in a plausible way but Kishi gave up on that kind of thing anyway as this chapter shows. So he might as well make the most out of it by taking Itachi back to the front row of action.

  2. Hey Morgoth, thank you for commenting 🙂 I’m just tired of Naruto. I don’t understand what the hell Kishimoto has been doing to his manga and why. The absurdity of this whole arc baffles me completely. Every week we have to suffer through annoying logorrheic nonsense from the characters and just when you think things are picking up we get some pissy back story or an eye-rolling emotional moment with the living shinobi and their revived family/friends etc.

    Maybe he’s desperately trying to fill in plot holes (plot holes…*shrug, I dunno man) with all of these random explanations and quite frankly, I’ve grown so accustomed to his randomness that I expect it and think it normal 😐

    Maaaaybe he thinks that he really needs all of these revived people (along the new shinobi, like Bee – there are so many new faces I can’t keep up) to tie up loose ends and act as encyclopedia by explaining every friggin’ thing under the so that his ninja world would seem more complete and lacking nothing before he decides to pull the plug? :S

    I personally don’t appreciate him dumping all this information on us at this point in time. He’s dragging the manga on and on AND ON with CRAP but at the end of the day loads of people out there have been loving this nonsense and have been faithful in buying/reading the volumes. I have friends who would come up to me and tell me how much they enjoyed chapters like this 😐 However, I have other friends like my fellow bloggers who have nothing but extremely caustic comments for Naruto that I won’t share on here lol. You make a really good argument by the way *scribbles them down in notebook* XD Reviewing Naruto every week is complete drudgery. Don’t be a stranger though! Would love to read more comments from you in the future 😉

  3. I recently talked with a friend of mine who also reads Naruto and is one of these “faithful fans” and he actually said to me that he had no idea what happened in this chapter. Of course he isn’t one of the brightest bulbs out there but if someone like him doesn’t get what is going on then Kishi must’ve done something wrong with his storytelling.

    It’s for some time now (even before the current arc) that Kishi began to rely far too heavily on flashbacks in my opinion. Always when a character does something and it needs explanation… “It’s flashback time!”. It’s a real paradox that a series that spouts the whole time about the new generation, the bright future and “letting go of the past” relies upon flashbacks. It’s like everything happens because something happened before that, most of the times it sounds like this: “You know why I hate you? Remember the warm summer three years ago when we were sitting [and so on]… *long flashback* And at this one snowy evening you made me hate you!” And how long Kishi’s flashbacks drag on just to say the most simple stuff…! If these characters really dig out whole weeks of memory in a fight just to interpret some gestures or words of the opponent these fights should largely consist of two opponents staring into space while they remember everything that might have something to do with that fight. I’d really wish that Kishi’d simply use the dialogue to get the characterization done. I don’t want to hear their life-story just because someone said something to someone in the past and was heard by someone who thought something about that. Someone should tell Kishi that talking about the past isn’t exactly what one calls “progress”.
    And the Zombie-Shinobi as I call them are the worst nightmare one could think of continuing the tendency I described above. These guys do nothing but making the rest remember the past and that means of course – more flashbacks! And these guys aren’t even entertaining as fighting-buddies since they spoil the whole fight while getting sentimental about some stuff and make their environment also getting sentimental about this stuff.

  4. lol *sigh…. doesn’t he have advisers and stuff? Maybe he just doesn’t care anymore? Are they all hard on drugs? I don’t know how they manage to keep up with this nonsense week after week. It’s amazing how bad it has become. Oh well. That’s mainstream manga for you 😦 Fairy Tail better not go down the same path as this, Bleach and Kenichi, ugh.

  5. I always imagine it to be a situation where Kishi goes to his editor who sits behind an expensive desk while smoking an expensive cigar in a very decadent manner and the Editor speaks with a raspy smoky voice:
    Editor: So… Kishi-san, you wanted to speak with me?
    Kishi: I-I thought that I could improve… I mean, did you read my ideas?
    Editor: This? (showing him his copies of the ideas) It’s bad, Kishi-san.
    Kishi: But these ideas, they are…!
    Editor (absolute): …bad.
    Kishi (whispers): I wanted to say ‘good’.
    Editor: Bad, Kishi-san, they are bad for business.
    Kishi: But the current series is too Mainstream!
    Editor: It’s crap, I know.
    Kishi: Exactly, some of my fans complained about…
    Editor (interjects): But you know, there’s one good thing about this crap – it sells. And that’s the only thing that matters.
    Kishi: But I…!
    Editor: Right, you don’t matter either. Wheels within wheels, Kishi-san, do your job and earn your place in the clockwork. We make mangas to sell them, not to give you a platform for fanciful ideas.

    I guess, Bakuman would actually get more interesting if Shounen Jump would be one giant conspiracy ^^ .

  6. LOL. And I can’t imagine any other reason why Masashi has allowed Naruto to become like this besides filthy lucre as you so hilariously put it. I gave up on Bakuman 😐 That plot twist sounds cool to be honest…a pity that the names of real manga within the manga are included tho.

  7. Well, all opinions matter. All the authors of the above comments are obviously die-hard fans of Naruto.

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