2 comments on “Bleach Chapter 459 Review

  1. I agree with mu§e that this chapter wasn’t anything but average at best. Sure, there’s a nice twist at the end of it but that’s only a few pages of the whole thing. The rest is just talking about what one probably already knew by now. And the explanation of Ginjou for what happened to Ishida was one of the most stupid ones, a writer could choose for a villain (I still wonder in which universe a complex plan gets more entertaining by making mistakes on purpose), even if that’s just how Kubo wanted to characterize Ginjou, it still seems stupid since there should be more creative ways to explain it than this.
    And the twist at the end is dangerously close to a deus-ex-machina since the timing is just too convenient without having a plausible explanation for it. But that could be explained in the next chapter so I’m still hoping.
    All in all, I don’t think it was that good a chapter as seemingly most of the guys I know just talk about the twist at the end and forgetting the rest of the chapter (which just shows how bad the rest of the chapter was excluding the last few chapters).

    • Thanks for the comment! I agree completely with you, Bleach has definitely fallen from its pedestal of glory, especially when you look back at epic fights and twists, like when they were dealing with aizen etc. I really don’t know what’s going through Kubo’s head right now but I hope he fixes it soon…it’ll be painful if Bleach begins to do what Naruto has done…and continues to do (granted, some can argue that it’s already faaaarr down the Naruto road -_- )

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