5 comments on “Naruto Chapter 551 Review

  1. So Naruto develops by becoming self-aware of his stupidity and the next best thing that he comes up with after realizing that, is asking his opponent for advice… Well, just shows how stupid the whole Zombie-Shinobi-thing is, I guess. And even after understanding that Kabuto’s control over Nagata has strenthened – he still asks Nagata why he’s doing the Revive-Jutsu-Stuff… Okay, so he actually should’ve had a second scene of “I’m such a moron!” since he already knows that Nagato won’t answer why he’s doing that. Then Nagato goes “Terminator” on Bee because… he can, right, it’s cool, everyone likes Terminator. And then they are both saved by Itachi while the summoned monsters just disappear or this one little panel on page 8 means that Itachi killed them, whatever. And Naruto explains that Nagato can now use all six paths himself and is stronger and faster and says less and his sweat has gotten smellier and so on – why? Just pure bad luck! It kinda happens from time to time. Universe can be a real mean bastard like that sometimes…
    And then comes the Gravitation-Black-thingy… oh my god, this atrocious dialogue! It already starts with Itachi “The black sphere has a powerful gravitational pull!” We know that! He doesn’t need to state the obvious… Then they make a joke about the (lack of) danger of the jutsu because since Naruto survived it, everybody can. Well, now that’s a persuasive logic. And so if the klutz survived it that jutsu must have one obvious weak point and Itachi finds it at once – they should just all throw their strongest long-range-Jutsus at this black thing. With this brilliant strategy the black thing disappears because ye know the chapter has to end somewhere. And like that Nagato is also released from Kabuto’s control (really, Kishi couldn’t possibly explain himself with that few pages left). Then all of a sudden Itachi uses his special Susanoo-sword to seal Nagato and asks for some last words because that’s just how this thing works: You stab someone, wait for his last words – and then he’s sealed. And Nagato’s last words are essentially like this:
    “Jiraiya was the first and he was a great guy but you know what he did at the end: dying was something widely considered as a bad move on his part.
    I’m the second and… well, I became a villain because I just didn’t get what the hell “breaking the cycle of endless hatred” was supposed to mean. And I’ve died, also not one of my brightest ideas as far as myself is concerned.
    And then there’s you Naruto, the third one and yeah, I really hope that you don’t mess up despite what your two predecessors did. Just be great enough that nobody remembers what an idiot the second part was. I mean me, okay? The second part was me… Ah, damn that stupid allegory… I’m off to Nirvana.”

    Well, it certainly better than last week’s chapter just by having more fighting scence I mean Kishi has less chances to mess up the story with fighting scenes so definitely better. But every time the characters start to talk or the fight is about to get a twist… it just isn’t supposed to make sense, it seems or Kishi doesn’t care anymore. I mean even Naruto seemingly doesn’t care about this anymore. Mistakes have become little cute comic-relief-scenes and being about to lose isn’t a problem because throwing everything you’ve got at the opponent is always a great strategy – that also works in Narutoverse.
    Actually it really felt like Kishi just gave up thinking about this series… I can imagine how he sat over the script-pages of this chapter thinking about how to improve them, remembering what he had written in his last few chapters and then he just leans back sighing. Then staring on the pages again he just says: “Okay, I have no clue either how this makes sense.”

  2. lol, Thanks for the comment Morgoth. Is it okay if I use the last bit of your comment (“well, it’s certainly better….I have no clue either how this makes sense”) as a guest for the “more chapter ratings” section? If so can you give me your personal rating out of ten for this chapter? And preferably an alias with the letter S in it? 😀

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