2 comments on “Bleach Chapter 460 Review

  1. This chapter really made me remember just how long it has been since Ichigo had actually seemed cool. Getting all whiny and desperate isn’t really the way to go for any kind of hero, I guess. But instead of Ichigo we get now to see Ginjou’s whiny side by him just repeating how impossible plottwists are when you’re a villain and winning (a flawed logic as every vivid Shounen-Manga-reader knows). A more intelligent way to deal with this situation would be for him to start singing “Time to say goodbye” and disappearing as fast as possible…
    The whole Shinigami-cadre appearing was a bit stupid, I think. When Rukia explained how everyone of the Captains put a bit of Reiatsu in this special sword to give Ichigo his Shinigami-powers back, I believed her… I really didn’t need to see every damn captain appearing out of thin air to prove her point. It’s not like her lying at this point would make sense anyway. Of course it was a cool scene to see them all back some of them slightly changed by time – but my question is, what now? So Ginjou and Tsuki face now a dozen able fighters AND Ichigo with his Shinigami-powers? There’s nothing interesting about these odds…

    • Yo mate, thanks for the comment! Yeah, Ch. 460 was definitely a breath of fresh air for Bleach. After what felt like an eternity, we’re finally reminded of the good old times of humor and ridiculously powerful attacks! And as for Ginjo, like I said, he’s a lil’ bitch now; as a human he probably can’t come to terms with the immense power of extra-dimensional beings. Fear is a natural response and flight the natural action to accompany it, but then if he did that we wouldn’t get to see him proverbially crucified now would we? Also, villains tend to have their means of being…for lack of a better word…resourceful. There’s most likely gonna be an unexpected (possibly underwhelming) twist to level the playing field. If not, I’ll satisfy myself with seeing some blood splatters. It’s been a bit too long since we saw some of that (with the exception Tsukishima’s arm amputation).

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