5 comments on “Naruto Chapter 552 Review

  1. So Kabuto has still an ace up his sleeve… that bastard! And I bet when that one fails in the face of Itachi’s attack, he will say something like “Haha, this ace I had up my sleeve may have failed – but I have TWO sleeves!”. It’s also great how Kabuto explained to us how exactly Nagato could’ve lost, especially since we simply didn’t see that part in the last chapter. How should I react to that? Should I be surprised that something happened that Kishi didn’t tell me about? Is that a new kind of plottwist where things just happen and Kishi explains them afterwards with things we didn’t see happen? Is it really that exciting to see a sudden change in a fight because Kishi told us to look away for a moment so that we didn’t see why there was a change in the fight?
    And Naruto reaches the limits of his powers… Uh, what? How’s that supposed to make sense, Naruto has NO limits! There’s a reason why Naruto thinks he’s a One-Man-Army – because he is! We should just remember that Pain-debacle when Naruto had to wing that whole battle by himself. That was just like Rambo being left alone to fight the war AND being able to win it despite that.
    And then Itachi’s sappy speech: Where did that come from? “You’re not popular because you’re a Hokage – you’re a Hokage because you’re popular.” Right, good advice, Itachi. Because we all know how hard Naruto tries to be Hokage these days, whines the whole day about how he’d be a better Hokage than Tsunade and prepares himself to take over the office after the next vote since it’s all just a direct democracy with the Shinobi-hierarchy. And what does that mean for Naruto actually? He’s not Hokage because he isn’t popular enough? What else is he supposed to do then to become Hokage? He killed the enemy (more or less…), resurrected the dead AND survived the whole damn thing. That’s even more than what Jesus did in his best days and they called him a messiah for it. Somehow dropping the whole matter of “becoming a Hokage” on Naruto right now should’ve got a “Oh, right, there was that…”-reaction from Naruto. He doesn’t try to be Hokage anymore, he’s trying to destroy “the endless cycle of hatred” because destroying “hate” is just more fun and involves fighting against all sorts of people while also making new friends (It’s sort of like playing World Of Warcraft and trying to find a happy end with the game’s “story”).
    But what really matters is that they all like each other, right? They all get insufferably nice to each other and the reader is supposed to get sentimental seeing that. *sigh* I actually liked the last chapter more in that regard as they make fun of each other in absurd dialogues. Goddammit, that chapter last week was a masterpiece! If I’d ever write a parody of Naruto it’d be just like *that* chapter!
    And then there was another moment of Zombie-Shinobi-humour… Well, at least they all have fun while fighting. It’s not like they had to watch the whole thing with Itachi, Nagato, Bee and Naruto so lucky them, I’d say… There’s really no boredom to be found on the main-battlefield but rather a lot of laughter and many chances to remember the good ol’ days. So it’s actually – just like a nice evening at a pub!
    And then the really exciting cliffhanger…! Whoa, someone with a rasengan is about to attack! Who is it?! Well, I’m pretty sure, it’s not Santa Clause… so there’s that at least. It could be Konohamaru since they dragged all sorts of persons (even the unfunny ones – and nobody likes *those*…) to the battlefield. Or it’s Naruto who has NO limits; I tell you, at the end of this battle most of the shinobi will ask themselves why they even bothered with appearing on the battlefield because Naruto will decide this battle – alone.

    This was one of these transition-chapters that made sure to set up the stage for what’s coming. The worst thing about all these hints for the future was how it didn’t say when it’s gonna end. It feels like until now only things that didn’t matter have happened and nobody knows when something will happen that matters. Some parts of the current arc even begin to ask themselves why they are still around (like the rest of the Zombie-Shinobi-troupe) and start to make jokes instead of seeing things through in a serious tone. No end in sight for the battle and only boring things happening right now – Naruto won’t get better very soon, it seems.

    Rating: 5/10

    PS: And we all know why Itachi really burned Shisui’s eye… Because Kishi hopes that in ten years he won’t have to write Naruto-chapters anymore.

  2. Thanks for the comment Morgoth! Hope you don’t mind me posting the first two paragraphs of your comment in the review under your Stranger alias 🙂 You better try out for the arc review thing btw! 😛 You’ll probably end up being the only one doing it anyways lool, smh.

    • Ah, damn, forgot to mention that… Yeah, of course I will do that 😉 . I just don’t know yet what part of Naruto’s long Hokage-election-campaign I should cover ^^ .

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