6 comments on “Bleach Chapter 461 Review

  1. Thanks for the comment mate. Alas, isn’t the question always why? Why are the world’s politicians so corrupt? Why is school so annoying? Why do people stay in bad relationships? Why is a very large proportion of the world’s population so…brainless? The world may never know… Once I make it into the realm of The Almighty, I intend to pose these questions along with yours. For personal enlightenment, y’know?

  2. hello everyone,
    has anyone of you an idea why renji’s vice captain sign is missing?

    @mu§e: in the first chapter of volume 49 ginjo’s shinigami badge can be seen – so there was a little hint after all 🙂

    • Hola Ikumi-san, thanks for the comment! Hmm…Renji’s crest… Perhaps he’s just too cool to abide by the rules! I mean, he does have tattoos everywhere on his upper body like a yakuza. And I gotta say, his new black headband makes him look like more of a boss than the white handkerchief he used to use. It’s reminiscent of that electronic thingy he had in the first arc. That, or maybe he’s been added to some kinda special task force, since he’s all Bankai-ed up an stuff. :S

    • Hrmmmm, that is true. Though I had thought he actually stole Ichigo’s own. Oh well, I guess we’ll see where they take this.

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