About Us


Name: Sarah G.

Age: 21

About Me and §MFG: My cousin has a health and fitness blog and one day she turned to me and said: Heyyy why don’t you start a blog too?? A blog? Hmm…What would I blog about? I had nooo idea. So I randomly called §tiggles for ideas and he gave me some, manga and anime being one of them, but none of them really clicked. Then, a few days later the ever present imaginary light bulb over my head (which hardly illuminates) finally lit up! Manga and anime! Why didn’t it click before? I have a group of Facebook friends who would rant and rant and RANT (and scream or sigh in appreciation) about major/epic things that happen in manga and some of them are decent writers!

So in all my excitement, I struck up random conversations with them and asked if they would be interested in starting a manga blog with me. To turn back the pendulum a bit, I entered the world of anime by watching Naruto. I just happened to see a friend of mine watching it and things kicked off from there. So, like any other excited and eager anime fan, I couldn’t wait for the next episode of my favourite anime shows to come out so I began reading manga. I have not read as many as my fellow bloggers and I don’t pretend to know everything there is to know about anime or manga. According to my cousin I have sawdust for brains. I still have lots to learn -_-

For now, things will be relatively simple on this blog. We’re able to dedicate some time to writing simple weekly reviews of manga that we enjoy and the occasional satirical review of manga that we despise as well general reviews of awesome manga that we think you might enjoy. Hopefully, we’ll be able to provide some volume reviews as well in the near future. At the end of the day, we just want to have lots of fun with this blog as time will allow. I’m very happy and excited to have mu§e, §tiggles, Dr. §trangelove and je§ter with me. Do look forward to rants, attempts at humor and lots of random fun stuff. Cheers!

Favourite Manga: One Piece, HSD Kenichi, Hana Kimi, Fairy Tail, Absolute Boyfriend, Bleach, The Breaker, Noblesse, Beelzebub, Hana Yori Dango and many more!

Favourite Anime: Rurouni Kenshin, Skip Beat, One Piece, Kaichou wa Maid-sama, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, Samurai Champloo…

Favourite Characters: Mihawk (One Piece), Luffy (One Piece),  Hitsugaya (Bleach), Ulquiorra (Bleach) Frankenstein and Rai (Noblesse) Jiraiya (Naruto) etc.


Name: Breanna E.

Age: 21

About me: I am myself, even if the whole world should change.

On a less philosophical note, I am a regular female of the human species (or so I’m told). I enjoy random, strange things. A huge reader/writer, a mild gamer and a complete music freak. In general I muse a lot. I have always loved anime from the days back when of Sailor Moon and Pokémon. My first “real” anime, however, was Fate/Stay Night and that is how I ultimately became truly interested in the Japanese art and culture of anime and manga. The first manga I ever read was (I think) Bleach because I got tired of waiting around for the anime and I was officially hooked and began expanding my library. I am fairly knowledgeable of manga across the genre boards of Shounen, Fantasy, Shoujo, Seinen, Josei and many more (which I am not allowed to mentioned at the vote of my fellow bloggers, heh)

Favourite Manga: Too numerous to mention but if I HAD to mention a few, they would be – One PieceFairy TailClaymoreFaster than a Kiss, History’s Strongest Disciple KenichiThe Breaker, Ga-Rei

Favourite Anime: Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, Black Lagoon, Code Geass, Skip Beat!, Claymore, Durarara!!, D.Gray Man, Ga-Rei-Zero, Mushishi, Toradora!

Favourite Characters: Uluquiorra Schiffer (Bleach), Kuchiki Byakuya (Bleach), Balalaika (Black Lagoon), Revy (Black Lagoon), Erza Scarlet (Fairy Tail), Natsu Dragneel (Fairy Tail), Death the Kid (Soul Eater), Shinigami-sama (Soul Eater), Medusa (Soul Eater).


Name: Robert Q.

Age: 22

About Me: I’m that guy who doesn’t enjoy talking about himself  :). I have, however, been told that I am crazy, funny, an all around retard, but a nice guy. It’s all lies. I’m actually a ninja. Anime/Manga-wise though, I was first introduced to manga when a good friend of mine brought back a Dragonball Z manga volume from a book expedition. I looked it up online and boom-bam, I was hooked. The rest is history.

Favourite Manga: I think I read too many to have faves really. But I guess my current ongoing favourite is Bakuman. My favourite finished manga would have to be Angel Densetsu. Along with most of the Jump manga I suppose. Oh wait, there’s also One Piece and Fairy Tail. No way I could forget those.

Favourite Characters: This is impossible. Just to have something here I’ll say Shikamaru from Naruto. What a drag…

Dr. §trangelove

Name: Niron K.

Age: 22

About me: ???

Favourite Manga: Gokusen, Gantz, One Piece, Deadman Wonderland, The Breaker, Immortal Regis, Soul Eater.

Favourite Anime: TTGL, Gundam 00, Code Geass, Trigun, Princess Mononoke, Dead Leaves, OHSHC.

Favourite Characters: Sosuke Aizen (Bleach), Vash the Stampede (Trigun), Knives (Trigun) and Dr. Franken Stein (Soul Eater).


Name: Brian H.

Age: 21

About Me: Well, I’m just a regular dude, who likes experiencing epic things regularly.  I’ve been interested in anime since Toonami days; that was the stuff!  It all started with DBZ…the series often referenced as a yard-stick of sorts for “powerfulness” by many.  Much like my fellow admins, my interest in manga was born ’cuz anime just takes too long to come out…seriously.  Also, my interest has led me to start a sword collection; only have one katana for now, but soon I’ll have many, many more.  Hope my dorm has the space; Chinese universities don’t seem to think space is a necessity!

Favourite Manga: The Breaker, Change 123, Psyren, Great Teacher Onizuka, Fairy Tail, Ultimate! Hentai Kamen, Ga-Rei, Immortal Regis, Zettai Karen Children, etc.

Favourite Anime: Gurren Lagann, Death Note, Code Geass, Chrono Crusade, Evangelion, Hellsing, Scrapped Princess, Phantom (Requiem for the Phantom), Sayonara, Zetsubo Sensei, Golden Boy, etc.

Favourite Characters: Goomoonryong (The Breaker), Kintaro Oe (Golden Boy), Adult Simon (Gurren Lagann), Cpt. Shunsui Kyoraku & Yoruichi Shihouin (Bleach), Kyle (Psyren), Master Roshi (Dragonball), Ryuk (Death Note), Kafuka Fura (Sayonara, Zetsubo Sensei), Kyosuke Jikijou/Hentai Kamen (Ultimate! Hentai Kamen), etc.


Contact Us: supermangafightersgo@gmail.com


Random Fun Fact: We’re all from the same island in the Caribbean! Dr. §trangelove and §eraph went to the same primary school, the mu§e and §eraph went to the same high school, Dr. §trangelove and §tiggles went to the same high school but je§ter went to another school *points and laughs* But! we all went to the same college here (though not at the same time). Wait, no, §tiggles didn’t go to the same college (<-boo!). Somehow, we all know each other.

DISCLAIMER: The images displayed do NOT belong to anyone of us at §uper Maga Fighters GO! Yoko Fan Art: zerochan.net. Balalaika Image Source: zerochan.net. Tsunayoshi edited by: §tiggles. Aizen Image Source: zerochan.net. Hei Image Source: zerochan.net


2 comments on “About Us

  1. wow! i really like your blog…. i was just wandering around searching for hot guys after i watched hana kimi live action and stumbled upon this blog. i sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo love your pics.thnx (^^)/

  2. Aww…thank you so much. We’ll be doing another top 20 hottest guys post sometime in the future. And you’re welcome! Thanks for commenting!

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